Poorboy Playrooms

Hah, we knew you couldn’t resist. That’s why we left the door open…

Here at Poorboy we get our kicks sticking people of all levels of ability in a room and seeing what happens. Like stuffing miscellaneous chemicals into a test tube and going “oooohh!” right before stumbling over each other in an attempt to get to the cabinets to see what else we can lob in there.

Allow us to show you what we examine on a regular basis:

The Playrooms (specimen A)

Our unique collaborative events for professional practitioners run by Poorboy and the Ensemble.

Poorboy Playrooms 2012 

Yes that’s right, Poorboy rocked New York City in April 2012 and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2012; spreading the love to an international cross disciplinary effect. Performances, slide shows, music, film, dance, web projects, treasure hunts, temporary exhibitions and new writing you know name it, we’re prodding it and seeing what directions it stretches in.

Bringing together sculptors, print makers, curators , environmental artists
dancers, sound artists, digital content creators, architects, boat builders, traditional and contemporary musicians, playwrights and poets to explore and create en mass. It was explosive stuff. The bit we get most excited about though is the fact during a Playroom a final piece of work is not always produced, but long term creative partnerships are. Now that’s condusive to the hypothesis. The most exciting aspect of Playrooms is their use of the Poorboy creative methodology that puts playing back at the heart of creation. Just the way it should be.






The Labs (specimen B)

When Poorboy gets hardcore…

What happens when you throw creative practitioners in a room together and barricade them in for three days? Well, wouldn’t you like to know.  Honestly, how nosey can you get…. okay we’ll tell you. But only because we love it so much. You get a performance that is a direct result of three days worth of solid creative process put straight infront of an audience. That’s the most important ingredient because here at Poorb

oy we’re big on dynamic interaction with our audiences. Our Labs harness the energy built up over the three days of simmering our Ensemble of actors, writers, singers, dancers, DJs, visual artists, clowns and composers go through before unleashing the beast. After having their minds blown we then like nothing better than luring the audience into the dark and pouncing on them for their thoughts. Okay, so it’s actually a lot more civilised than that. We don’t pounce.

So come on now, don’t be shy. We’ll see you at the next lab. Disclaimer: lab coat and goggles not supplied


Just to get you all exciteable, heres a look at what previous Labs have brewed.

Previous Lab: Extracts from The Players’ Hamlet

Why think small?  Shakespeare’s play about plays and players is given some wild and rough love by the Poorboy Ensemble in a ridiculously ambitious re-imagining.  A celebration of Poorboy’s cross disciplinary crew and their endless quest to put Playing at the heart of the creative process.  The first stage of development in a major new project – an affectionate embracing of the Hamlet Bad Quarto with storms, songs, a live soundtrack and outrageous sleight of hand…



Previous Lab: MAGPIE – A Story of Stolen Scenes

Using both iconic and obscure scenes from existing stage and film works, MAGPIE re-imagines moments and characters you think you know and makes them do the most unlikely of things whilst tangoing the night away to a stonking soundtrack…

A self-contained scratch performance created in 3 days by the Poorboy Ensemble, with apologies to Marlowe, Tarantino and Cary Grant.