“These guys are just the coolest kids in the playground”

Have your heard about our Playrooms and Labs?

Naturally. Add us altogether and you’ve got 110 years of experience that we thrust at every piece of work we put our energy into. And that’s a lot of energy. The Poorboy Ensemble are dynamite. Masterly, ingenious, multi-talented and we’re sure they won’t mind us telling you, very creatively endowed.

Now team that with skills in just about every artistic discipline plus experience working with the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre and National Theatre of Scotland along with companies in Madrid, Ukraine, Belgium, the Netherlands, South America, France, Italy, Sweden and Finland, and you’ve got an ensemble that is dynamic beyond compare.
“The beauty of Poorboy’s work is their sheer ambition”

Bet ours is bigger than yours. The Poorboy Ensemble is 15 members strong; the largest permanent company of artists and performers in Scotland that spans the globe at the same time as being stonkingly immense. It’s also fuelled by an Artistic Director of epically skilled proportions: Sandy Thomson.


“Frequently dancing on the

edge of what’s possible whilst

throwing classically trained

skill at it”

Well, as we said RADA trained Director and Writer Sandy Thomson is at the helm. She was nominated for Best Director by the Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland alongside Andy Arnold, Richard Baron and Anthony Neilson.

That was in the company’s first year, and the quality of work that Sandy has produced over the years consistently exceeds expectations.  She’s written, directed, produced and designed work with numerous national and international bodies including the National Theatre of Scotland, The Royal Lyceum Theatre and Intercult.

 Her most recent staging and scripts have included an irreverent and fast moving production of the Bad Quarto of Hamlet and the critically acclaimed audio journey ‘Blood and Roses’ which was selected for both the International European Theatre Meeting ‘Voices’ showcase 2010 and the Made In Scotland showcase at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe 2011. Her passion for collaboration has led her from Sweden to the Ukraine and Denmark and to regularly stage Poorboy Playrooms – the company’s unique collaborative workshops – with dozens of artist from every discipline and from 15 different countries.

For nigh on a decade, this painstaking crafting……has been a hallmarkof Poorboy’s way of working”

Art or not, we work with it. Over the years we have worked with opera singers, poets, dancers, circus artists, cello players, fine art and installation artists

Collaboration is at the heart of everything that we do and we’ve worked with historians, architects, museums, boat builders and educators to name but a few.

You never know what we’re going to be getting up to next.

We have made work of barely controlled anarchy with kids under the age of 12, are the producers of the most exciting Shakespeare ever seen in Scotland and take full responsibility for the terrifying urban adventure which kidnapped it’s audience, stuffed them into a black van and hurtled them across the City of Glasgow straight into negotiations with the darkest side of the cities nightlife. Did we mention they were accompanied by Lucifer himself?

It’s all about the audience at Poorboy. We produce exhilarating experiences that captivate and beguile. But most of all, we guarantee to be evoking thoughts about what you’ve just seen for weeks afterwards.  That’s just how we roll.